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Commercial Auditions

When you want a commercial audition, you must realize that this is an entirely different ballgame than going on a feature film audition or television audition (or even nowadays, an Internet series audition). For a commercial audition, the actor or actress must be able to think on their feet, react in an instant to any type of direction and must be confident and personal all at the same time.

Unlike a film or television audition, at a commercial audition, you do not get the script before the audition. You get called into the commercial audition and they give you your lines right on the spot in the waiting room and from there you not only have to memorize your lines, but you also have to instantly become the character that they are asking you to be. So you have about five to fifteen minutes to get into character, memorize your lines and give them your best performance, trying to book the job. Ironically, it’s a lot harder than going out for a movie or television audition.

The other ironic part about wanting a commercial audition is that it is considered so much more important to go after a film and television audition. Getting a role in a film or a television show will advance your career so much further than a commercial but you also get so much more time and ammo to prepare for a film or television audition than for a commercial audition. Commercial auditions are considered far less important and pay a lot less money (unless the commercial goes national and plays a lot on major network stations and the actor or actress receives a lot of residuals in return for his or her performance).

Despite this, the fact remains that a lot of major stars once started out in commercials. A commercial audition can start a major career just like any other entertainment industry project and even in this day and age, major stars lend their voices and/or talent to commercials because of the big pay checks they are offered by the companies that want these particular stars’ faces representing their products. For a commercial audition, whether at the beginning of a career (with little pay but lots potential) or when a career is booming (and the pay is a lot in exchange for the star lending their name to whatever product is being advertised) it is a process unlike any other auditions and you must have the confidence as well as the talent to pull it off.

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