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Acting Auditions

When one attempts a talent acting audition, there are many things to consider in order to successfully book the role, whatever that part may be.

First and foremost is preparation. Because if you don’t know your lines when trying for a talent acting audition, then there is no way you are going to come across naturally and you won’t be able to showcase your best performance to the casting directors or casting agents or producers or directors (simply put – whomever is holding the acting audition). Memorizing is the crucial first step to preparing for an acting audition properly and efficiently. If you know those lines back and forth, there is nothing you can’t do when attempting an acting audition. You can play the role any and every which way you choose as long as those lines are locked in your brain when one is readying him or herself to an acting audition.

And it’s not just about memorization either. For an acting audition, one must know the content itself. Sometimes you’ll get sent the whole script as opposed to just the “sides” (the pages containing the lines that you will perform in the talent acting audition). When preparing for an acting audition the casting directors or producers do in fact send you the whole script, then you must read the whole thing! Knowing your character is incredibly helpful to understanding the scene you’re performing in the acting audition. That way you will be able to play on the character’s background and insight, understanding where he or she is coming from in that particular scene.

But if you don’t get sent the entire screenplay before your talent acting audition, then read the few pages you are given over and over again to try to grab as much knowledge about the character before the talent acting audition. Then you will at least have a gut instinct on how to perform in the audition. And that is a very important factor in this process – you might have five different ways to read the lines in the audition, but you must do it the way you feel most comfortable. Go with your gut every time. Even if it’s not the way the casting director had in mind, they will at least see your talent as opposed to a disastrous performance which is what will happen if you play the part in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

For an acting audition, you must be relaxed more than anything else. And a good way to get in that mind frame is to be confident in yourself. That is the key to any accomplishment, really.

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